Come Sit Beside Me


sit beside me

on this dark step

and wait with me

for the moon to rise.

Listen with me

to the silver words

as the moon cushions

the blue darkness.

Our hands join.

Our shoulders touch.

The blood alive

beneath our skin.

The warm night air

flowing in and out

of our lungs.

Do we hear the same music?

Do we see the same living shapes

in the constellations?

I put aside this idle curiosity

and bask in the rhythm

of our simple, silent


2 thoughts on “Come Sit Beside Me

  1. Janet, You are amazing. I felt like I was looking over your shoulder, spying on two souls in a private moment. After reading your poetry, I always feel like putting away my pen for good. This time I might need to go a step further and lock the desk drawer. —st

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